Have you bought Christmas gifts for your colleagues yet?

Christmas is a joyous occasion and it feels great to give and receive gifts. Christmas is celebrated by the Christian population, but it is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a cultural festival. This holiday is widely celebrated around the world. Over these two years of working, I have received nice and cute Christmas ornaments from my colleagues.

Among them are shown below:

  1. Triangel: An angel that protects you and gives you love and peace
  2. Santa Clause: To check whether you have being naughty or nice!
  3. Angel crystal in a nice gift box with a personalized message behind.
  4. Santa Clause with his trusty reindeers and helpers.
  5. Cute reindeer memo clip.
Christmas gifts in office

Christmas gifts in office

I personally prefer giving ornaments as Christmas gifts to my colleagues as well because they look great displaying at their working cubicles. This is a thoughtful way to tell them that you care and appreciate them for being good friends and team mates.

Have you done your Christmas shopping for your colleagues?


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