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Birthday gift ideas for teenager - boys

It can be quite difficult to buy birthday presents for teenage boys. If you really cannot decide on a gift, it is better to purchase gift cards or gift certificates rather than buying something that end up not being used by the birthday boy. Be extra careful when buying a gift card or gift certificate as some have expiration date. Select those without one or have long expiration date as your gift might get lost temporarily and by the time it is found, the gift already reach the expiry date.

If the teen drives to school, dates or summer job, you might want to give gas card. Gas card can be purchased for almost any amount, thus you can buy in accordance to your budget.

Nearly all teenagers love to go to the movies or theatre, so buy movie gift certificate that offers variety of films for the teen to choose from and this entertainment gift will be very much appreciated by him as he can bring his date along.

If the birthday boy is a fitness conscious teen that always wants to look good and fit for the girls, you can consider purchasing new member trial card at any local gym. These fitness sessions are a great gift for teens looking to improve physique. If he is already a regular member in a gym, then you might want to get him sets of weights or dumbbells, fitness gear, pedometer as a gift instead.

Teenage boys love to look good, however it is advisable not to buy jeans or any pants as a birthday gift because you might end up getting the wrong size or it could be something that they do not really fancy about. You can get something cool like a quirky t-shirt that mostly comes in free size. They are affordable which you can get less than $25 each and amusing as well. Try choosing the one that suits the teenís personality or character.

If t-shirt is not your gift option, then you can buy personal care products and have them wrap up in a nice gift box or gift basket. At this stage, they are just the right age to introduce razor, cologne and facial wash.

To find a suitable birthday gift for a teenage boy, always consider his interest or hobbies and from there, you will find the perfect gift for him. You can choose to buy according to your budget but take the pleasure in knowing that he will love and appreciate your gift!

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