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Birthday gift ideas for kids - boys

It is not difficult to get gifts for kids. Children are delighted when you give them surprises and fun. It does not take much to make them happy because almost all kids love the same thing.

If you are the parent or grandparent, and have the budget, you can throw a party for the birthday boy. Usually, a children’s birthday party has a theme such as ‘In the Zoo’, ‘Fairy Land’ and others. A big birthday cake is a necessity, same goes with party favors, balloons, magicians, puppeteers or clowns, etc.

For 2 years old to 5 years old boy, you can give toys but make sure they are not hazardous toys for kids. If you plan to get jigsaw puzzles or an easily connecting construction blocks, make sure they come in large pieces. You can also buy non-electrical train, simple musical toy instruments, riding toys such as rocking horse, tricycle or wagons. Nowadays, there are many toys that are educational and yet they provide fun for the kids. You can find them in Toys ‘r Us or any other children’s departmental store.

For 6 years old to 9 years old boy, you can buy electrical toys operated by batteries. Prior buying electrical toys, always check that it has the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approval logo on them. You can also choose toys that will help to develop their creative and analytical minds such as sets that demonstrate simple principles of science like the mini microscope that comes with selected specimens for them to view, magnifiers or magnets. Always guide and explain to them as well as encourage them to ask questions if they do not know or need further understanding when they are playing with those educational toys.

For 10 years to 12 years old, you can buy story books to encourage the child to read, as these story books will help stimulate the imagination and build character. You can also opt for magazine subscription specially for kids and the birthday boy will receive it monthly for one whole year. All children enjoy and get excited when receiving mail from the mail man especially if the mail is for him! Board games such as Chess, Checkers, Scrabbles, Monopoly, Bingo, Chutes and Ladders, etc are very interactive, fun and most importantly, they are educational. For outdoor games which most kids enjoy, you can consider buying a bicycle, jump rope, tether ball, croquet, badminton and many others.

If the children know that you have put much thought and love into their birthday present, they will be very joyful that you care and remember them.

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