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Birthday gift ideas for men, for him...

If you know the person very well, finding a suitable birthday gift for the birthday guy should not be too difficult. The present could be for your father, stepfather, father-in-law, brother, cousin, boyfriend, husband, uncle, friend, bestfriend, school mate, class mate, business partner, colleague or co-worker, boss, assistant or even your neighbor.

The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, as they said! If the birthday guy is in his 20s or 30s and is still playing an outdated video gaming system, you might want to get him an X-box 360 or the latest version Playstation. If the birthday guy is in his 40s and above and enjoys golf, you can get him golf gears or equipment as his birthday present. Among the items you can get are clubs, hats, knickers, tees, bag, golf watch, radar to find the lost balls and gloves to name a few. Not all golf related stuffs are expensive! There are reasonable priced items such as golf gloves that cost less than $25. Especially when there is a warehouse sale, renovation sale, year-end sale, summer sale, stock clearance or during festive seasons such as Christmas and Boxing Day, things can get pretty cheap. Take this opportunity to shop for the expensive and luxurious items where you can get really good bargain.

Most guys are sports enthusiasts. They might enjoy soccer or football, baseball, rugby, car racing, etc. There are plenty of sports memorabilia which are a suitable birthday gift for all ages. Put his favourite team logo on a t-shirt, jersey, cap, mug, astray, throw or pillow and have his name on it to make the gift personalized. If he is already a fanatic fan and has almost all the items above, then buy him tickets to watch his favourite team or get him a sports illustrated magazine subscription for a year.

All guys of all ages adore and worship electronic gadgets. The more expensive electronic products will be a computer or laptop, home theatre surround sound system, etc. while the fairly cheap electronic items will be a MP3 player, Ipod, DVD player, GPS system and many more. Cheap and affordable electronic gadgets include a radio pen, universal remote control, remote control key locator or key finder, shower radio, electronic trimmer, pad or cushion massager, electronic heater on gloves, socks and blankets and others.

To buy a birthday gift that will please him, think something that is useful and practical and know what he really needs and wants. This way, you can get him a fantastic birthday present he will love!

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