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Baptism and Christening gift ideas for baby, infant, kids and children

A baby or children Baptism or Christening is a precious moment and special day event. This spiritual event is significant and important for both the child and the family. It marks the child’s entrance into the world and the committed relationship with God. If you are invited to witness this lifetime event, whether you are the parent, grandparent, godparent, family member, relative, close friend of the family member or church friend, you will want to get a special and unique gift for the baby boy or girl. Most of the time, the family will hold a reception after the church service to commemorate this occasion which include favors, food, cake, etc.

Many baby christening gifts can be personalized or monogrammed through engraving or embroidery so that it can be something permanent for the baby to remember when he/she grows up. Usually, they have the infant’s name and the baptism/christening date on them. Among the gifts you can bring on that particular day for the child, be it boy or girl is a rosary beads necklace in a personalized memento box. One of the most popular Baptism/Christening gifts are coins minted in the birth year or a lovely baby’s first cross or crucifix nicely kept in a personalized keepsake box.

There are also baby bibles where you can get with the words ‘Baby’s First Bible’ on it or religious stories in children’s storybook. Besides that, there are a variety of Christian baby or children songs available in CD so that the parents can play during their child’s bedtime. Apart from songs, if the child enjoys watching TV, try get Christian children movie in DVD. Among the movies you can consider are the The Narnia Chronicles, Adventure in Odyssey, The Legend of the Three Trees and many others. Stuffed or plush toy is a great gift too with the shape of a lamb, dove or guardian angel.

For embroidered gift to personalize, you can look for quilt or fleece blanket, pillow, cushion or baby tote bag. For engraved gift, try getting a picture frame and putting the baby’s Baptism photo in it. This will be a special keepsake of the occasion, having the date of the Baptism/Christening and the baby’s name engraved on the frame. Besides picture frame, you can choose to engrave on a baby cup. Before presenting the gift, remember to get a card for the occasion to congratulate the proud parents. Wrap the gift in white paper if possible to add to the occasion’s pureness and with a white, gold or silver ribbon. Baptism/Christening is a significant occasion to mark its devotion towards God. These gift ideas are true treasures that will be appreciated and preserved in the family

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