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Baptism Christening gift ideas for family and friends

Baptism or Christening is a vital occasion as the decision to be baptised or christened as an adult or a teen is usually a personal vow of faith. In view of the fact that this is a religious importance of an occasion, some people like to give religious keepsake or mementos.

There are Bible verses or quotes that can be written, engraved or embroidered on the gift whichever is suitable. Jewellery such as a silver or crystal bracelet, ring or necklace can be engraved with Bible verses or quotes. These gifts can be gifted in an attractive jewellery box with an inscription on the back together with the date. A few most popular jewellery gifts are the rosary bracelet, which you could add on a piece or two charms to it, sacrament charm bracelet, Holy Communion charm or a cross/crucifix necklace.

 Besides that, you can also give a gift box that consists of an old sixpence and a little cherub or guardian angel. The cherub is considered to be a lucky charm as it brings harmony and love to the recipient. The gift box can have engraved verses or quotes to make it personalized. You can put a few charms in an embroidery velvet or silk bag to make it personalized too. The charms are to believe to bring love, peace and good luck to protect the recipient from all the sins. Among the charms you can include are angel, key, heart, shamrock and flower. Angel represents protection, key indicates for empowerment, heart stands for love, shamrock for luck and flower for inspiration.

Other personalized gift includes photo frame where you can put his/her picture and have the photo frame engraved with the name, the meaning of the name and its origin. Giving a Bible is an ideal gift for an adult since he/she can read and understand the faith of Christianity better. Prior giving to the recipients, ask if there is any particular Bible translation that they prefer. Besides in hardcopy books, the Bible is also available on a CD. An affordable gift option is compilation of Christian songs in a CD. It would be great to know his/her favorite Christian musicians or worship groups by asking the recipient or you can get the detail from his/her family, god parents, grandparents or close friend if you want to surprise the recipient.

Candles make great gifts too and they are inexpensive. Usually candles are used in religious occasions and meditation. They can also be made as favors for the guest when a celebration party is held for this special occasion. No matter what gift you have decided, it is best to include a personal prayer to celebrate the noble decision made to be baptised or christened. Write or print the prayers on a piece of paper or on a card. With that, you can add to the special memories of this joyous occasion.

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