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Baptism gifts | baptism presents

baptism christening gifts, baptism presents

A baptism or christening ceremony is a sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth which admitting a person into Christianity. It is believed to cleanse a person of their sin so that they are born into a new life with Jesus. A person baptized is either being poured or immersed in water. Most churches baptized members when there are infants while some insist of going through this holy ceremony when adult.

After the baptism ceremony conducted in the church, the family of the person being baptized usually throws a small party to mark this memorable event which is attended by close family members and the church friends. A personalized gift, either with engraving or embroidery which relates to the religion would be suitable for this event. There are many related present that you can gift to your baby, love one, or even your godchild. For example, baptism gowns, christening dress, baptism candles and so on. Lets get some ideas from

christening favors | baptism gift suggestions and tips
  1. Baptism gift for adult
  2. Baptism gift for infant

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