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Back to school gift suggestions for high school | teenage gifts

For high schoolers, they are in their teens, so do not try to get them cute little school supplies as back-to-school gifts. Stickers and cookies or sweet treats do not work for them anymore as well. As teenagers, they want to be popular and love cool and fashionable stuff. Some of them do not live with their parents as they might need to stay in the school dorm. So, considering all these aspects, you need to plan carefully on what to give them so that your gifts will be put to good use by your child or grandchild.

Electronic products and gadgets are useful for high school kids as they need these items such as laptop, computer accessories, monitor and printer to help them in their assignments, school reports and projects. Internet is important for them as they do their researches and find lots of educational and useful information for their school homework. If is also vital to get a cell phone or handphone for your child if he/she does not have one yet so it will be easier for you to reach your kid in case of emergency or to know his/her whereabouts.

Most American teens have a MP3 or MP4 player or iPods, it is good for the kids to relax and de-stress by listening to music and therefore you might consider getting one for your child. Digital camera is also a good choice of gift as your teenager will most probably need it for school projects or even for his/her outdoor activities with the club or with the buddies and friends. If budget is a concern and you are looking for a cheaper electronic item as present, then a digital photo frame is a cool gift as well. The high school kids can post all their favourite pictures on rotation with this gift. A noise-cancelling headphones might be a great gift too as they can plug to their players to listen to music or listen to their favourite audio books.

You can also buy clothing for your child, provided he/she tag along when shopping for his/her clothes. At this age, they are very picky with the type of clothes they wear to school as they want to be trendy and fashionable. Among the items you can get are cool graphic tees, denim jeans, hoodie sweatshirts, dresses, blouses, skirts and many more. For accessories, they might look for shoes, cap, wallet or purse, handbag, bagpack, sunglasses, belts and other jewelry such as earrings, bracelet, necklace, chain and others. If the high schooler is staying in the school dorm, try getting something useful for the room such as bedding set eg. bed sheets, pillowcases, comforters and anything else that will make the bed comfortable and stylish.

Storage cubes are useful as they are perfect to store CDs, DVDs, books and other items in an organizing manner. Make your gift creative by putting all functional items that they need in a gift basket or a nice gift box. Items that are handy are clothes hamper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, sewing kit, a mini toolbox with screwdriver kit and hammer, first aid kit, bath items and a few snacks to go along with. Whatever you have decided on the type of gift you want to give to them, they will know and appreciate the love and care you have for them.

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