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Back to school gift ideas for preschool kids | unique gifts for kids

Sending your pre-schooler or kindergarten kids can be very exciting for you. As a parent or grandparent, you will want to support and encourage the children to have the thought that going to school is fun and exciting to learn new things, make new friends and meet new and nice teachers. Many families commemorate this transition by giving gifts to their children to get them well prepare for the new school year.

As all children love cookies, candies, chocolates and everything nice and sweet, you can order cookie bouquet or cookie gift basket that are decorated with colorful and bright icing. You can personalize the cookies with icing message by wishing your children good luck or all the best. If your child loves sports, you can have the cookies in a shape of a baseball, bat, football and many others. Great thing about this gift is that he/she can bring the cookie bouquet or cookie gift basket to school on the first day and share with his/her teachers and classmates. This is an excellent way to kick off the first day as he/she will make many new friends and be popular in class. Also, with this gift, you can instil him/her to be nice and sharing is always good.

Besides cookie gift basket, there are other assortments like candy gift basket or chocolate gift basket that your child can share with others in school. Besides the sweet treats, all children love stickers too. Get their favourite stickers so that they can have them on their book covers or folders. There are many unique stickers such as the glow in the dark stickers, the scratch and sniff stickers or the bulging type. This is a great way to encourage the kids to enjoy looking at their books which indirectly will make them treasure and care for their books. You can also choose to have personalized stickers with their names on it so that your child enjoys adding his/her school supplies with a personal touch. Let them have the sense of belonging and this will make them more responsible with their belongings as losing the book, folder or other school supplies will mean losing their favourite stickers.

Stationary or writing materials are just as important to get your child started. Get a set of stationary such as pencils, pencil bag or pencil case, erasers, rulers, color pencils, crayons, writing papers, drawing papers, glue and other necessary items. Other ways to get your child all excited about school is to bring them go for a back-to-school shopping. Let them choose the new clothes that they want to wear for the new school year. Essential items include shoes, shirts, pants, blouses, skirts and sweaters. You may want to add accessories that they love such as a new purse or wallet, belt, hat or cap. Let them select their own clothes so that they can feel comfortable and enjoy wearing them to school.

Besides clothing, you can ask them to select the backpack that they want, help them by giving suggestions in a form of questions if they are not sure but the final decision must come from them. This helps them to learn decision-making. If your kid will be bringing lunch to school, then you can consider getting your child’s lunch box in a theme or cartoon character that he/she loves. To help encourage your child to do homework, search for colourful and comfortable children’s desk or kid’s desk, a chair and a lamp. A comfortable and fun place to work will make your child enjoys every moment when doing his/her homework or working on crafts or arts.

You can search and buy them online or get them from craft malls and Toys ‘r Us. Most importantly, take your kid out for a meal before the new school year kicks off, have your child to choose the restaurant. If you plan to have the dinner the night before the school reopens, choose an earlier dinner time to make sure he/she gets enough rest for his/her first day of school.

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