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Baby shower gift ideas for new mom and hostess

Baby shower is not only about the baby, it is about the mother too! Many guests will bring gifts for the baby, so be different. It is a thoughtful idea to actually get a gift for the mother instead. If you are looking to buy things for the new mom, always buy something that they actually call for and will use.

It is easy to get baby shower gifts for first time mom as she needs everything. Large gifts include stroller, crib, cradle, baby car seat, changing table and many more. For new mom, there are quite a number of parenting books that you can get as a gift. If the mother will be breastfeeding the baby, she will likely be pleased to get a book about breastfeeding. Other baby care books from medical point of view are helpful for the new parents as well.

Besides books, parenting guidelines and to-dos also come in educational and instructional DVD. New parents always welcome the idea to learn how to care for their infant and they can always play back if they forget. Just like books and DVDs, magazines are another valuable source to help the new parents to learn how to care for their baby, plus advices and tips from the experts and other parents. It is also interactive as they can always post questions to seek for advice in the Q&A section. Getting them a 1-year parenting magazine subscription will be a wonderful gift for a baby shower. Apart from that, you can also help to sign up and pay the parenting classes for the new mom. But before doing so, check with her first because she might have already attended the classes.

Another best gift that you can get for the new mom is to help her relax and enjoy during her pregnancy, this way she will feel a lot better. Fill a basket with soothing bubble bath, bath salts, bath pillow, scented candles, calming and scented lotions, flavoured and relaxing teabags, a gift card or gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, beauty or spa treatment in a beauty or spa salon. Make sure that the products for the mother are gentle and natural products. These gifts can be used by the mom immediately and not like any other ordinary baby gifts that they have to wait until they give birth.

You can also give gift certificate to her favorite women departmental store or shop. This gift certificate will make her feel good in a nice and new outfit. Other than that, another thoughtful gift is a gift certificate to a photo shop for the first baby’s photos. This is something that the new parents are looking forward to using it.

If these gifts are out of your expected price range, then you can go for a nursing pillow as a gift. Nursing pillow is a great comfort gift if you know the mom is going to be breastfeeding her new baby. Besides that, you can choose to buy a huge stylish bag for her to put a few diapers, wipes, baby formula and feeding bottle when she is going out for a short trip.

You can also get scrapbook items such as the baby time capsule kit or a picture box. Especially for a first child, most parents will go all out to work on a baby book or scrapbook and all the nice photos and memorabilia can be stored in a picture box. These gifts are great and inexpensive too.

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