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Baby shower gift ideas for experienced mom

It gets a little bit complex to buy baby shower gifts for experienced mom. Shopping for presents for first time mom is easy as she needs everything new. You will need to think twice if you plan to give experienced mom, large items such as swing, stroller, cradle, crib, baby car seat or changing table as most likely she still has them in good condition from her first, second or third child and she will not be pleased to have the same items again, moreover the huge size that will occupy the space of the house.

If she is having the same gender baby this time around, then you can strike off clothing in your gift idea list. Chances are, she will reuse the clothes for her new infant. Unless, her youngest child is still very much young and needs to use all these items, then you can consider buying her those items.

Parenting books, DVDs or magazines subscription on child care are not required anymore as she has already master the needed instructions to care for a baby. So, do not buy these items as baby shower gifts!

Hygiene or personal care products for the baby make great gifts for the experienced mom. The mom has most likely lost all the hygiene apparatus such as tiny clippers, soft brush and others. Even if she still keeps them, there are newer, safer and easier to use products introduced every year. Baby personal care roducts such as bath sets, lotion, baby oil and powder are something that they always need. Same goes with diapers and baby wipes.

Other great gifts includes baby time capsule kit for her scrapbook or baby book if you know that she enjoys doing it for all her kids or a family tree photo frame that actually shaped like a tree with branches protruding for the pictures to hang around. There are some that able the family to handwritten the names and birth dates on the ‘tree’. These baby shower gifts are definitely cherished by the family.

If you have the budget, check out for electronic products as baby shower gift. There are many new baby electronic products introduced each year and most of the moms have not found money or some time to invest in these products. Example of these products includes learning, educational or developmental tools that help infant to recognize sounds, shapes or colors. Check out her kitchen and see if she has a food processor. If she does not have one, you might consider getting it for her so that she can make her cooking easier for the family and also to make her own baby food.

Getting a baby shower gift for experienced mother is not that very difficult after all. All you need is some planning and research. With that, whichever gift the mom receives, she will certainly put to good use.

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