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Baby shower gift ideas for baby girl

You are invited to a baby shower. When you RSVP, check on the card whether you need to bring along a dish. In some baby showers, they have caterers to prepare the food, while some inform that each guest has to bring a dish. If that is so, tell the party organizer in advance on what you are bringing in order to avoid having too much of the same dish in the party.

Cupcakes make great gift, if you are a great baker, then bake your own cake, otherwise buy from any local bakery or cake shop. In a baby shower, the guests will most likely comprise of women, mothers and children, so you can rest assure that your cupcakes will be the first dish to snap up by the guests. Usually, there is a theme for baby shower, check it out first with the organizer before selecting how you want the cupcakes to look like. If it is for a baby girl, you can never go wrong with having pink cupcakes, perhaps you can add a mini ballerina icing figurine on top of the cupcakes to make them look special.

If the baby shower does not require the guest to bring a dish, then you have to get a gift for the expectant mother. The most practical gift will be diapers. Diapers can be quite expensive so you might want to help unload some of the parentsí burden by bringing them as a gift. You can find diaper cakes in any baby shop or departmental store and also in gift basket webpage. These diapers, some come with as many as 100 diapers are all wrap up in the shape of an adorable cake.

Besides diapers, you can bring other essentials for the baby such as clothes in a range of sizes so that the baby can wear them in different stages; bibs, booties, towels, wash cloth and blankets are among cloth items that you can bring. Of course, if it is for a baby girl, having them in pink will look cute and pretty for the baby. If the couple has a nursery room decoration for the baby, visit them prior to the baby shower to see what else you can add on as a gift. Check out if the room needs a play mat, toy chest or more plush toys, developmental toys, rattles, story books or others. You can also get accessories for the nursery room such as mobile, picture frames, colourful chairs and table, lamps and other decorative items to brighten the room even more.

If you are on a tight budget, give a baby shower gift basket. Baby shower gift basket is ultimately up to you when it comes to how big you want the basket to be depending on how much you want to spend on them. You can buy baby personal care products such as baby wipes, baby oil, bath sets, lotion or feeding supplies such as feeding bottles, bib, towel, baby food and others. Have them wrap up in a neat gift basket and they will look presentable and the expectant mother will love it!

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