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Baby shower gift ideas for baby boy and plan

Baby shower gifts are exciting and fun to shop for. All you need is to take a little of your time to come up with great baby shower gift ideas that will sure to please the mom. If you know the gender of the baby, it would be much easier to shop for as you can focus on gifts that will most likely suits the baby’s gender. Otherwise, green, yellow and white are the common color choices when the gender of the baby is unknown or purchase other cute and adorable unisex items. If the baby is a boy, blue is the color to go for. If you plan to buy a big blue cake for the baby shower, talk to the parents in advance so that the party does not end up having two huge cakes.

Also, if you intend to buy accessories for the baby’s room, visit the room prior to the party and see what is the theme of the baby’s room decoration that the parents have in store for the baby boy so that you can buy something to go along with that. You do not want to have a lion or giraffe mobile in a sports theme room! Choose the color of the gifts that blends with the room as well. This is important, especially if you are buying a quilt or blanket or bedding sets. Ask if there is anything else that the couple needs or observe to see if anything is missing in the room so that you can complete the picture perfectly.

You can also get toys for the baby. Since it is a boy, get a car, ball or animal stuff toy for him. Make sure to choose the gift that is suitable for a new born baby and not for a 3-5 years old kid. You would not want the baby to wait until to that age and only get to play the toy you bought. Besides fun toys, you can also choose to get development or educational toys for the baby.

Baby shower gift basket is always a crowd pleaser. You can select essential items for the baby and the items are put together in a very neat and beautiful basket. Among the items that you can include in your gift basket are diapers. This is a very much required gift. No one will grumble about having too many diapers with a newborn at home. Do include booties, bibs, clothes, towels, baby lotions, baby wipes, bath sets and others in the gift basket which you think that it will be useful for the baby.

At the end of the baby shower, it is the thought that counts the most, but it feels great when you know your gift is well received and the recipient is happy and pleased with it.

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