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Assistant's day gift ideas for subordinate who works in technical sector

Those in the technical field such as engineers, IT savvy employees and others are always amazed by gadgets. Most of them are not really amazed by flowers and chocolates, so do not ever think of getting them. They like Mathematics or anything that can challenge their brains, so why not getting your assistant an electronic Sudoku puzzle or an electronic crossword puzzle. They come in pocketsize and are handy, great for the mind that likes to stay active. So, whether they are waiting for the bus or the train, they can keep themselves occupied with this fun game which contains different level of difficulties and even offer clues or hints for the most tricky questions.

Besides this, you can get a flash drive or thumb drive for your assistants. But, be creative; do not just give it like it is to them! You might load it up with useful pictures, music or files that they are interested in before giving it to them. Reason for this is to test it out to ensure that it is working fine and at the same time, to make the gift more personal. Nowadays, flash drives come in many fancy colors and in sizes. Some even come with a neck chain so that the users can wear on them and carry them around at all time, and at the same time, they will not get misplaced.

If your assistants come in the office everyday with a coffee in their hand, buy them a gourmet basket filled with coffees or get them their own coffee or espresso maker to put near their desk. If they do not drink coffee or you are unsure what type of coffee is their choice, then you might opt for the USB drink chiller or USB heated travel mug as they make great gifts too and they are inexpensive. The USB drink chiller helps to keep a drink chilled whether he/she is at the desk or in a meeting as long as he/she is near the laptop or computer. Just plug it into the USB port and the drink will be chilled in a short time and will maintain the temperature until the drink is finished. Same goes with the USB heated travel mug, with this mug, your assistant can keep the coffee hot at all time.

When your assistant sits and stares at the computer screen for long hours, it can be very tiring for them. So, why not give them a USB hand massager where they can plug into the USB port and use it to massage their back, shoulder or anywhere that is aching or get them a relaxation chair cushion that provides massages and some even come with a heater to heat at various pressure points to ease the sores. If your assistant is someone who always enjoys reading, get a gift card to his/her favourite bookstore.

No matter what gifts you have decided, always give a thank you card or a note to express your gratefulness for having such a marvellous assistant!

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