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Appreciation for assistant works in educational sector

Either you are the principal in a school, a teacher or lecturer, you have assistants to help you around. They can be teacher themselves, lab assistants or the secretary for the school. There is loads of stress induced especially when you need to deal with children and many kinds of student. Among the gifts that you can give is a relaxing music CD for those that drive to work or scented gift basket. The items you can include in the scented gift baskets are potpourri, incense and oil with the burner, hand lotion and scented candles. Lavender is known as a great relief to help people relax, so this can be one of the scents to be considered.

Like anyone else, most really enjoy chocolates. If you are having difficult time to decide on the gift, just go with the simple yet classic gift of the treat. Get a box of fine chocolates gift such as the Godiva brand or any other fine brand that has the quality and is equally good in taste. Besides chocolates, you can choose to give biscuits or cookies. If you have the time, bake your own cookies and wrap them up nicely in a gift box.

Gourmet gift baskets are great choice too especially if you are the principal and have many teachers or assistants under you. With this, everyone can have their little share. Everyone loves surprises. So, pack a ‘To My Assistant/Teacher’ tote bag and fill it up with stress ball, charm, snacks, office supplies such as notepad, pens, sticky notes, highlighters, paper clips, glue, handy wipes and anything that you think will be useful for them. They will be delighted to see all the useful goodies you have included.

To brighten his/her day everyday, get beautiful plants in a nice pot so that he/she can place it on the desk. If you are planning to give fresh flowers to the ladies, present them together with a flower press kit in a small gift box so that they can keep the flowers after some time. They are in the education field and they love to read. So, get a gift certificate or gift card to their favourite local bookstores. If you know their favourite authors, then get their latest books and present to them. A good book is a great companion for them and best of all, it lasts a lifetime! Most important thing is to make sure let them know that you appreciate what they are doing and they are doing a fantastic job in helping you.

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