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Rewarding employees and assistant in office

You should know that without your hardworking employees, your business will not be where it is today. Therefore it is a must to show how much you appreciate their efforts and accomplishments. If you have many assistants, then you should get something that can either be shared among themselves or an individual gift. If you are planning to get an individual gift for each of them, make sure it cost the same for everyone to avoid any favouritism thoughts in their minds.

Gift basket makes wonderful gift for everyone. It is suitable to be given to a large group to share. Gourmet gift baskets are suitable so that each one can grab a bite during tea break or have a mini get together in the lunch room to savour the snacks in the basket. In a way, it helps to build up the bond among the team members. Among the gourmet gift baskets that you can give are fruit baskets, snack baskets, candy bouquets or cookie bouquets. They are great to look at and they come in varieties that suit everyone’s taste and liking.

For individual gift but for a group of employees, you can get a quality pen and make it personalized by having it engraved with his or her initials. It is always good to buy something that they can use in the office or display on their desk, as it also acts as a friendly reminder that you are a good boss and appreciate them, in a way, it will motivate them to perform their task efficiently, not only for the salary or status but also as a goodwill gesture to the kind boss.

Perhaps, getting a desk calendar can be a great gift for your employees. But, of course, the desk calendar is not, and should not be any ordinary desk calendar. A more formal and serious type would be with the pick-of-the-month quote, with some motivational quotes to get them going when they are down or face challenges. However, if you would like to be on the humorous side; to loose the knot a little when things are tight up and everyone is in stress condition, get a desk calendar that comes with funny and entertaining cartoons. This way, they get a little entertainment and have some fun in the office. A stress-free environment is the best place to work in and gives the best outcome in the work performance.

Coffee mugs make great gift too, and again, you need to be creative. Make it personalized with their names on the mug (So, they do not get mix up with other colleague’s mug!) or have the mugs in some catchy and funny statement such as ‘It doesn’t mean I’m NOT working when I’m drinking. I’m actually THINKING!’.

If your assistants are workaholics, you might choose to get a gift card or gift certificate to a favourite fast food restaurant so that they can get a quick bite and always on the go. If you only have an assistant, you may still go for the ideas above but perhaps you can choose a slightly higher cost.

Anyhow, always add a thank you note with the gift, preferable handwritten note to show your sincerity. A simple and genuine gesture of appreciation will make a great impact to them.

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