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Administrative assistant gift ideas

An administrative assistant does many types of work to ease your workload, thus as a boss, you have to show your administrative assistant how much you appreciate the hard work. To all the bosses that are too busy to even have a proper meal during lunch break and always depending on your administrative assistant to take away meal for you, this is the moment to take some of your precious time to read this and choose the right gift for your assistant, to be kind to him/her that supports you and give them incentive to stay with you.

Letís start off with the ladies. For female assistant, such as the secretary or receptionist, buy her flowers and candies, and most importantly a thank you card to let her know how much you appreciate her service. You can have the flowers sent to the office, so that she can enjoy the scent and feel appreciated of the recognition she gets for all her hard work. Along with that, you can get some helium balloons and put them around her desk to brighten up the day.

Who could resist a box of chocolate gourmet truffles? This is a great gift too and you can get inexpensive boxed chocolates from online gift basket webpage or in local grocery stores. Actually, there are many simple gift ideas but knowing the basic facts such as whether your secretary is allergic to flowers and chocolates or she seems preferred to go to a beauty spa or enjoys fashion trends, then give her a gift certificate to the local spa or get her a nicely wrapped beauty spa kit. You can also arrange the afternoon off for her to go shopping and of course to provide some spending money or gift cards for that.

For male assistant, you can get him a monogrammed business card case or a monogrammed leather CD case. Try to personalize the gift if you can as it will make it more exclusive. If he enjoys books, take the extra mile to find out his favourite authors and buy their latest book for him. If your assistant wears a tie to work, then get him a tie and a tie pin set. They always come in an attractive gift box. Through conversation, besides business related, you can actually understand your assistant personally such as if they like sports, movies, music or any hobbies. To show that you are a caring boss, you can present gifts related to their likings. If they like sports or movies, get tickets for them and the family or the partner. He/she will not like to watch it alone. For music lovers, get concert tickets or the latest CDs of their favourite singers.

If you have a group of administrative employees that help you so much in your business, then give them a nice catered lunch in the cafeteria or bring the group out for a pleasant lunch in a restaurant. They will appreciate even more if you could extend the lunch time and always give a short speech to praise and acknowledge their accomplishments and show how much you appreciate their efforts.

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