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Dating anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

Guys, you must remember the day you and your girlfriend are finally a couple or an item together. This is a VERY important date, so mark it down in your calendar or organizer! When you remember this special date, you have already passed the first phase, now comes the second phase – how you want that special day to be? What kind of celebration do you want to celebrate with her on this joyous occasion? What kind of gifts must you present to your love one?

As a good and ideal boyfriend, these need to be executed perfectly. All girls love to see how deep their boyfriends committed in a relationship. The girlfriend wants to have that sense of security and also a constant reminder for her to show how much the boyfriend cares and loves her. To start off with, be a little more sensitive of her needs. Always remember what she likes and dislikes, her favorites eg. colors, food, restaurants, activities and take note of what she already possesses or own so you do not end up buying the same thing for her.

If she likes a particular restaurant or food, bring her for a dinner there on that special day. If she likes a few types of restaurant, you can chose to bring her to the first ever restaurant where you fell in love with her or the first date with her as a couple. Explain to her the reason behind you select that restaurant to show how thoughtful you are and to impress her on how thoroughly you have done your ‘homework’.

Chocolates are like second best friend for the ladies after diamonds. Since diamonds are extremely expensive and you do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket, then buy her nice quality chocolates. However, prior buying chocolates for her, make sure she is not on a strict diet regime because this will show how insensitive you are! So, if everything looks good, get her a nice decent box of chocolates with many great fillings and flavors in them. There are many great chocolates that come in a lovely personalized engraved wooden box that she can keep the box after that. A personalized engraving message will definitely add a personal touch to it. Although this is a classic and traditional gift, it will never fail to impress her.

Apart from that, you can opt to give her a bouquet of flowers. Surprise her by putting the bouquet in the back of your car so that she will not see it when you pick her up. Then when both of you reach the destination, take the bouquet of flowers and present it to her. If would be great if you know what types of flowers she loves.

If flower is not your option, you can give her perfume with the scent that she likes. Nowadays, perfumes come in many unique and creative bottles that women adore! Besides the nice and sweet fragrance, most of them keep the empty perfume bottles too as part of their collection! So boyfriend, do what you are supposed to do on your anniversary day with your girlfriend. Always add a personal note together with the gift to let her know how thankful and appreciate you are to have her as your lovely and beautiful girlfriend. With this sensitive thought and gesture, she will be the happiest girlfriend on that special day.

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