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Wedding Anniversary gift ideas for her | Marriage gifts for wife

For wedding anniversary, the rule of thumb says that you should try as you might to make the gift as personalize as you can get. Take some moment, sit back and reflash back all those sweet memories that you and your spouse have shared. Think of how she has come to your life, how she makes your day pleasant, and reasons you are so fortunate to have her as part of your life and for eternity.

It does not need to be a long love letter, all it takes is a simple note that you write from the bottom of your heart and to show how much you appreciate her. However, if you are the poetry kind of person, adding a personalized love poem is an added bonus!

Then, comes to the real deal. What romantic present should you give to her to accompany with your personal letter or note? This is the moment where the men are put to a test to know how much they are sensitive towards their spouses’ needs all these while and how well they understand their ladies. Sometimes, it does not need to be an extremely expensive gift that will burn a hole in your pocket to make her happy. Budgeted gift or cheap present may impress her, all it takes is some effort to plan and to show it all out the appreciation you have for her. A traditional gift would be a bouquet of flowers or flower basket. Know what kind of flowers she likes, could it be roses? If yes, find out her favourite colors so that you can choose the right roses for her. It would be great if you know what scents she likes too. The clue is already in your home, look around your house and see what freshener she is using or what flowers she usually put at home. It could be daffodils, lilies, lavenders, carnations and the list goes on. Surprise, surprise! Everyone loves surprises! If she is working on your anniversary day, surprise her. Get your spouse’s favourite flowers and ask the local florist to send to her working place. The envy looks of her female co-workers will give you the extra credit when she gets home.

If she is the jewelry sort of lady, she would most welcome anything like a bracelet, earrings or a pendant, with of course a heart-shaped one if possible. An important tip, when you are buying a pendant, be sure to purchase the chain to go along with it. This is to show how meticulous you are. A nice and beautiful pendant without a chain spells nightmare! Put it in a gorgeous box and wear it for her after she has opened it.

There is this old saying that says ‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’, which you might want to give a diamond ring, or a diamond necklace and earrings set to your spouse if you have the budget or if it is like the 30th anniversary or so. Most importantly, spend some time with her on the special day. Take her out for a night, whether for a romantic dinner in her favourite restaurant or catch the latest blockbuster in the local theatre.

 If you would prefer to spend the night at home and the children are away in boarding school or in the care of your parents or in-laws or neighbours, then prepare your spouse’s favourite meal, buy a bath and spa kit so that both of you can take a bath together. Then give her a good massage after that. You may want to rent a movie tape from the local video store or grab a love music CD from the local record store so that both of you can enjoy the movie which could be the 1st movie or dance the 1st song that both of you shared the special moment before. With all these thoughtful and wonderful ideas, you will definitely getting an A+ for being the greatest husband in the world!

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