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Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

Before we begin on selecting the perfect gift for your man, let’s start off with the very first thing you need to do on the wedding anniversary morning. Give him a kiss first thing in the morning when he is about to get out of the bed and wish him ‘Happy Wedding Anniversary’ (Also, as a friendly reminder in case he forgets!). This is definitely a great way to kick off the day.

Like the old saying goes 'A way to a man's heart is through his stomach', so prepare a unique breakfast for him. Leave the ordinary pancakes with honey or toast with jam for any other mornings but not this special morning. Make a wonderful heart-shape sunny side up (You can get the heart-shape egg mold from any kitchenware store or supermarket) with bacons and decorate with berries or the fruits that he likes. If it is a working day for him, prepare a lunch box for him with all his favourites in it.

Now, lets come to what your man wants, an anniversary is not an excuse to buy something that both of you need, like a lawn mower. That does not spell out 'I love you', instead it indirectly says ‘You need to cut the grass this weekend’ or something. So, take some time to think of what he really needs, and not what you need. Check out his closet or wardrobe, does he need a new coat, a tie, a shirt, a pair of shoes and socks or a pair of pants, a comfortable pyjamas or boxers? If he needs a new one, get one for him and surprise him by putting it in the closet without his knowledge. Then, put a sweet personalized note on it and wait for the moment he finds out. He will be pleased and touched!

If you are planning to get your husband a wallet, be creative. Do not just give him a wallet! Place a few personalized coupons in his new wallet. Each and every coupon has something that he can redeem from you, like a foot or back massage, an evening to play video games together, a fishing trip or maybe a night out to watch a movie of his choice. The list can go on and on as long as it is something that he likes to do.

If your love one is a DIY kind of person, then get him a good quality tool box and fill it up with all the essential tools to replace his old ones or some new tools that he has being longing for awhile. For your adventurous hubby, you might want to get some cool gadget items for his mountain bike or camping items that he needs. Whatever you have decided, be sure to say ‘I love you’ and express how much you appreciate to have him in your life.

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