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Dating anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend | gifts for him

There is always a celebration for you and your boyfriend on the annual day that you finally agree to accept him as your boyfriend or both agree to become a couple. On this special day, your love one will bring you out for a dinner and go for a movie just like any dates you have been with him.

However, he will be willing to splash out a little more money for a more unique and romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant and of course to shower you with a gift to say how much he loves you and appreciate that both are still together as a couple.

This is a two-way street relationship, so do not expect just to receive a present from him! You must give him a gift too and express to him how you feel and how much you love him as well. If your boyfriend is a fanatic fan of sports, you can get him a sport watch, a jersey or a cap of one of his favourite sport stars. Best of all, if you could, get the sport star to autograph on it. But it really does not matter if you could not get hold of the autograph, as he will most likely be delighted to see the gift already.

Another suggestion is by subscribing for an annual supply of sports magazines or if you have the budget, get a set of season tickets to watch his favourite team in football or baseball games. Jewelry items or accessories are not only meant for ladies. Some guys would like a chain, ring, or if he pierces his ears, you might want to look for a nice stud for him. A money clip and cufflinks if he wears coats are also part of jewelry items.

Men like to smell nice too, so you can also get him his favorite cologne or body spray. If you want him to smell different, get a few miniature bottles of different cologne or body spray and pack them in a nice gift box. Let him explore the different scents! Finally, get him a nice card and write your own personal message and say 'I love you!'.

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