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Company | Corporate employee service award

Call it a business strategy or a sincere gratitude; it is a must for all business and corporate companies to show appreciation to the employees that have worked hard and have stayed loyal to the companies for so many years. The gift that usually presented by the Managing Directors to the dedicated and loyal employees is also known as Service Award.

Most of the companies start giving as early as the 3rd year of working with them, followed by 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th year and also special Service Award for those who spend the retirement year with the company. The gifts get more and more expensive as the years add on. For early stage such as 3rd or 5th year, gifts that usually presented are desk set items such as pen, letter opener, clock, name card holder or photo frame. These items are made of elegant silver or pewter and are engraved with the employees'names with the mark of the anniversary year to add to the personal touch.

For later stage such as 10th to 20th year, the gifts get more exquisite and costlier such as gold pendant with a chain. The gold pendant usually portrays the company's logo with engraving words at the back. Some companies will give leather organizer folder with branded pen set or tickets to a musical theatre play, concert or sporting event, while for companies that make good revenues, they are willing to give their devoted employees with exclusive Swarovski crystals ornaments.

Employees that spend their golden years with the companies such as the 25th year onwards until the retirement year, the company generally will have a special assembly for this special announcement. Appreciation award will be given such as a plaque as it will always make them feel special and appreciated. It can be placed on the desk or hung on the wall to be admired all year round. Besides the plaque, there will always be a gift that comes together with, such as a watch with engraving words at the back in a beautiful gift box.

Some companies opt to sponsor the employees for a short trip for two in a neighbouring state. After all, they deserve a good break for all the commitments they have given to the companies. Of course, free lunch or dinner is always appreciated. Besides the gifts, some bosses will personally treat the employees for lunch or dinner which also includes a group department outing in a favourite restaurant or an office party in the lunch room to commemorate this event. Showing appreciation to the staff will boost their spirit and motivate them as well as others to continue serving the company for many years to come.

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